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What is GDP? What is
Good Distribution Practice?

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In the world of pharmaceuticals, ensuring that medications are safely and effectively distributed is just as important as developing them. The process of getting medication from the manufacturer to the end consumer is a complex one, with many steps and stakeholders involved. That's why adhering to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is so important and that is what drives us here at AB Spedition.

GDP is a set of guidelines and regulations that ensure the safe and efficient distribution of pharmaceutical products. It covers everything from storage and transportation to documentation and record-keeping. By following these guidelines, pharmaceutical companies can ensure that their products are handled properly and arrive at their intended destination in the right condition.


So why is GDP so important to the end consumer? Here are just a few reasons:

1. Ensuring safety: Proper handling and storage of pharmaceutical products is crucial to maintaining their safety and efficacy. Temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors can all affect the quality of a medication. By adhering to GDP, companies can ensure that their products are stored and transported under the right conditions.

2. Preventing counterfeiting: Counterfeit drugs are a major problem in many parts of the world. GDP guidelines include measures to prevent the counterfeiting of medications, such as the use of secure packaging and the tracking of products through the supply chain.

3. Maintaining quality: When medications are mishandled or improperly stored, their quality can be compromised. This can lead to reduced efficacy, adverse reactions, and other problems for the end consumer. By following GDP guidelines, companies can ensure that their products maintain their quality throughout the distribution process.

4. Providing transparency: The pharmaceutical supply chain is a complex one, with many different stakeholders involved. By adhering to GDP guidelines, companies can provide transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

In conclusion, Good Distribution Practice is a crucial aspect of the pharmaceutical supply chain and is vital to the efficacy of the product for the end consumer. AB Spedition are the market leaders in arranging pharmaceutical shipments compliantly against GDP guidelines. AB Spedition place immense importance on our Quality standards ensuring that patient safety is never compromised

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